Hi, my name is Chad and I am the Pastor of Preaching Christ Church. God has called me to create resources that help people apply God’s Word to their every day life. I am passionate about sermons, blogs, podcasts, music and articles that create life-change in those who desire to know God. Awakened to Grace is the platform from which I share my resources. I have also invited some close friends to share God-centered content with me on this website.

In addition to teaching, God has allowed me, through His rich grace, to create and lead three organizations that are incredibly close to my heart.

Preaching Christ Church (www.preachingchristchurch.com)
I had the privilege of planting PCC in January 2001 with less than 10 people. Since then, the Church has grown tremendously. Awakened to Grace is our Bible teaching ministry.The honor of my life has been to Shepherd the flock God has given me at 707 East Sullivan St. in Downtown Kingsport!

Friends of the Gospel (www.friendsofthegospel.org)
This is a global missions organization we created in 2010. We serve churches in 19 countries around the world. The Lord has enabled me to be able to personally travel through 40 countries sharing the Gospel and helping train church leaders.

Friends for the Fight (www.friendsforthefight.com)
This is a local, 501 (c)3 cancer-fighting initiative.Together we have raised thousands of dollars to help families who are battling cancer with everyday practical needs like rent, gas, food and other daily needs.

The greatest joy of my life is my family. I am married to the beautiful Sadie Roberts. Together, we have a business called Kingsport Printing (www.kptprinting.com) and 3 amazing kids, Piper Kate, Emmy Rose and Hudson Graham. We live in Kingsport, TN.

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