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Terry Whitson

It’s not unusual to hear believers say, “I need more faith” or “I wish my faith were stronger”. Well, I have some Good News to share, you can have more faith, stronger faith, and even great faith – the choice is up to you.

Do Not Pray for More Faith
First of all, do not pray for more faith, faith does not come by praying. Your faith will certainly be stimulated and strengthened by praying, but praying for more faith is not necessary and is really a waste of time. I realize that may be a shock to you, but only on one occasion did the disciples say to Jesus “Increase our faith”. That one occasion came in John 17:5, and the way Jesus increased their faith was by teaching them His Word. At no time did Jesus or the apostles ever pray for more faith. You may ask, why is that? Well, I’m glad you ask and here is the answer.

Faith Comes By Hearing
“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”Romans 10:17 Here is the way faith comes, not by praying but by hearing the Word of God. This is exactly what Jesus did in response to the disciple’s request when they asked “Increase our faith”, He taught them His Word. So if you want your faith to increase you need to hear more of God’s Word. Listen, your faith will be in direct proportion to the amount of the Word you expose yourself to, More Word = More faith. If all you hear and feed on in a week is a Sunday morning message, then you will never have strong faith. Many believers feed on hours and hours of TV and wonder why they have weak faith. Unless you’re hearing the teaching and preaching of the Word on TV; watching a lot of TV will dilute and weaken your faith. I caution you to be careful as to what you Expose your ears and eyes to, these worldly influences can and will deaden your desire for His Word, His Love and His Kingdom. We are to avoid the very appearance of evil (IThess. 5:22) and much of TV is evil!!

Where Faith Begins

Your faith begins and grows where the will of God is known. Here’s an example, when you heard that Jesus loved you, died for you, became the Savior of the World, you responded and accepted Him into your life. Faith came to you with the message of salvation because the will of God was made known to you by and through God’s Word. So here you have it, FAITH BEGINS WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD’S WORD. So since faith begins with the knowledge of God’s Word, just how important is God’s Word in your life? It is absolutely essential! You must understand that the Word of God is the will of God and the will of God is the Word of God.

Each One is Given a Measure of Faith

As a born-again believer you have faith and as a matter of fact, we each begin with the same measure. “For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has given to each a measure of faith.” Romans 12:3 What we do with that measure is up to us. We all started out with the measure of saving faith. Some are satisfied with that measure and they do nothing more with their faith, they just want to get to heaven that’s all. Jesus has called us to use our faith to pray heaven down upon the earth, to speak to mountains, to cast out devils, to love those lost in sin. You have faith and as you exercise it – it will change the world for the glory of God!

How to have Strong Faith

Faith begins as you hear the Word of God and faith is built by doing the Word of God. If you want to have strong faith here are the simple keys. First hear the Word of God, feed on the Word of God, meditate the Word of God, pray the Word of God and do what the Word God says to do. If you will make this your practice you will develop strong and even great faith. Practicing these simple keys will cause Jesus and His Word to become more and more real to you and His Word will explode in your life. Let me say that these keys may be simple, practicing them will require self-denial and discipline. Are you willing to pay the price?

Where to Begin

Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking the Bible is too big for you to take in, we all start a little at a time and it’s an adventure. Here is a simple way to begin, first find a Bible subject that interest you, say for example the subject is forgiveness. Listen to teaching on forgiveness over and over and faith will start building in you concerning forgiveness. Take some time to study and meditate on forgiveness and ask yourself questions about what the Bible says about forgiveness. Always practice forgiveness as the Bible teaches and you will develop strong faith in this area. You can do this in any area of life and you will please your heavenly Father and you will see faith working and growing – in you.

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